Global City Holdings


The predecessor to Cinema City was formed by the Greidinger family in 1930, which opened its first cinema in Haifa, Israel in 1931. In the 1980s, the Company pioneered the establishment of a multiplex chain in Israel. During the 1990s Cinema City expanded to Central and Eastern Europe starting with Hungary (1997) followed by the Czech Republic (1998), Poland (2000), Bulgaria (2003), Romania (2007) and Slovakia (2011). In 2012 Cinema City complited digitalization of its cinema circuit initiated in 2008. At the same time, since 2000, the Company has been growing its film distribution and cinema-related advertising businesses throughout its CEE countries of operations. In March 2014 the Company entered the UK and Irish markets through the combination of cinema businesses with Cineworld Plc. Cinema City changed its name to Global City Holdings and became the largest shareholder of the Europe's second largest cinema operator keeping its strong presence in cinema, entertainment and real estate businesses. 

2018 Cineworld becomes the 2nd largest Cinema operator
in the world following the purchase of Regal cinemas in the USA 
2017 Start of construction works of Park of Poland. 
2016 Sells its 42% stake in Ronson Europe NV
2015 Delisting from the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Global City Holdings becomes a private company.  
2014 Combination of cinema businesses with Cineworld Plc
Strategic partnership with WUND Gruppe for the Aquapark in Mszczonów 
2013 Fist stage of installation of the 4DX technology in Cinema City
2012 Digitalization of Cinema City completed
2011 Acquisition of Palace Cinemas in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.
2010 Digital revolution - conversion and installation of more than 150 screens into digital format.
2009 Opening of the first megaplex in Romania, in Bucharest.
2008 Commencement of digitalization of cinemas. Development of Internet ticket sales.
2007 First multiplexes opened in Romania. New Age Media commences operations in Romania and Hungary.
2006 IPO on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Commencement of operations in Bulgaria.
2005  Romanian subsidiary established. Forum Film Hungary commences operations.
2003 Bulgarian subsidiary established. Forum Film Poland commences operations.
2002 New Age Media commences operations in Poland. Acquisition of Ster Century in Poland.
1999  Launch of operations in Poland and in the Czech Republic. Agreement with IMAX Corporation.
1997  First multiplex in CEE region opened in Budapest, Hungary.
1995  Completion of modern multiplex chain in Israel.
1982  Opening of the first multiplex in Israel.
1929  Opening of the first cinema in Haifa.