Global City Holdings

Real estate

Global City Holdings has an extensive expertise in developing, managing and divesting real estate projects in the CCE countries and in Israel.

The Company holds a portfolio composed of leisure, commercial, residential, cinema and office real estate in four countries: Bulgaria, Poland, Israel and Slovakia.

Global City Holdings is renown for its successful shopping malls developed in Poland and Bulgaria. Currently the Company owns and oparates the Mall of Rousse,a shopping centre in Rousse, Bulgaria.

Global City Holdings holds 39.8% of shares in Ronson Europe NV, a residential developer in Poland focus on high quality mid-scale appartments.

The Company holds 7 cinema real estate in Poland, Israel and Slovakia, topped by the 24 screen megaplex Yes Planet Rishon Lezion, Israel. All cinema properties are rented to Cineworld.


List of real estate holdings:
Bulgaria Mall of Rousse shopping center in Rousse
Plots of land in Sofia and Stara Zagora
Poland Plot of land for Park of Poland

Holding in Ronson Development

5 cinema properties:
CC Bemowo, Warsaw,
CC Janki, Warszawa,
CC Manufaktura, Łódź,
CC Czerwona Droga, Toruń,
CC Punkt 44, Katowice,
Israel Office building in Herzlija
Cinema building Yes Planet in Rishion Lezion 
Slovakia CC Aupark, Bratislava