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Privacy policy

The privacy protection policy (the “Policy’) discussed below is applicable to this Website only. Prior to each use of the Website you should become familiar with the applicable terms of the Policy. If you do not accept our Policy, please do not use this Website. By using the Website’s resources you accept the terms and conditions of the privacy protection policy specified below.

Accuracy of the Data Gathered

Cinema City Poland, on its own initiative or at your request, can complete, update or remove personal data which are incomplete, incorrect or no longer valid, as provided to Cinema City Poland in connection with the maintenance of the Website.

Identification of Website visitors

From time to time Cinema City Poland can feed a computer connected to its Website with information to enable identification of its user. The information are generally known as “cookies”. Owing to “cookies” Cinema City Poland is informed on how and when visitors use its Website, which makes it easy for the Company to adjust the resources to the customers’ needs. Furthermore, we are going to use “cookies” exclusively in order to access information saved on your hard disc drive by “cookies” sent from this Website. The use of “cookies” is standard practice for many Internet websites. “Cookies” are stored in your computer rather than in our Website. In the event that you do not want to receive “cookies” or if you want to be informed about “cookies” to be sent, please change the settings of your browser appropriately if the option is available

Underage Users

Users aged below 18 can send any information to Cinema City Poland only with the consent of their parents or guardians. Moreover, they must not make any orders or other legal transactions without such consent, unless otherwise permitted by applicable laws.


Cinema City Poland reserves the right to introduce changes to the privacy protection policy and the Website resources as well as to modify or even deny access to the Website. Significant changes can be made at any time and Website users can but do not have to be notified of them in advance.