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Cinema advertising

New Age Media is Cinema City's cinema advertising special task force offering various forms of cinema advertising on almost 1000 screens in 6 countries.

In Poland New Age Media has over 70% of the cinema advertising market and covers 480 screens of the Cinema City and Helios circuits.

The cinema screen is a perfect place to engage an advertiser's targeted market. International companies can design cross-country campaigns covering most of the CEE markets. New Age Media offers a variety of ideas from the classic on-screen spots to all types of off-screen advertising opportunities, tailoring the campaign to the cinema space. Ideas and scenarios are invented for every client.

Advertising with New Age Media


Cinema multiplexes are an attractive place to advertise brands and products on a long term basis. New Age Media offers sponsorship contracts for sponsoring everything from individual films to cinema auditoriums to the entire multiplex structure. Film sponsorships are a good way to build the image of the product based on the positive and related values associated with the targeted films.

Sponsorships with New Age Media