Global City Holdings
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Introduction of 25,000 newly issued shares of the Company to trading on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (23 February 2010)

The Board of Managing Directors of Cinema City International N.V. with its corporate seat in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, (the "Company") informs that in accordance with the resolution no 164/2010 of 23 February 2010, the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange decided as follows:

1. following resolution of the Warsaw Stock Exchange no 492/2006 dated 6 December 2006 and in accordance with § 38.1 and 3 of the Warsaw Stock Exchange Rules, decided to introduce in a regular mode on 26 February 2010 to trading on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange the 25,000 ordinary bearer shares of the Company with a nominal value of EUR 0.01 each one.

2. Introduction of these shares to public trading will be executed if the shares will be registered with the National Depository for Securities under ISIN code NL0000687309 on 26 February 2010.