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Cinema City opens its second multiplex in Czestochowa, Poland (30 September 2009)

Today Cinema City International N.V. (“Cinema City”) is celebrating the opening of its second multiplex in the city of Czestochowa. Cinema City in Galeria Jurajska has 8 screens and 1 332 seats. The cinema is equipped with two digital projectors with 3D device.

Today we are celebrating the opening gala of the second Cinema City in Czestochowa and the 27th Cinema City in Poland. Our development in the country reflects the high popularity of cinemagoing in the high-end cinema entertainment venues in Polandsaid Moshe J. (Mooky) Greidinger, CEO of Cinema City, the largest multiplex cinema operator in Central & Eastern Europe and in Israel. “As you know this is second Cinema City in Czestochowa and I must say that our first Cinema City in Czestochowa is a great success showing the strong demand. That’s why we see in this market a need for more screens.”

Cinema City in Galeria Jurajska is the Company’s second cinema in Czestochowa after the Cinema City Wolność (8 screens) opened end of 2004. Each cinema is equipped with 2 digital projectors, which allow to exhibit 3D films.

Greidinger added: ”We should also mention that this Cinema City is our third project in Poland with GTC following very successful Cinema City in Galeria Mokotów in Warsaw and Cinema City in Galeria Kazimierz in Cracow. We have also additional projects with GTC in Romania and Bulgaria and this is in line with our strategy to co-operate and keep constant relations with the leading developers in the region”.


In Poland Cinema City is operating 27 multiplexes with 296 screens and 62 000 seats. There are 53 digital projectors installed in Cinema City multiplexes in Poland. On 19 November, the Company plans its next opening with its biggest megaplex in the country in Bonarka Centre in Cracow. In Poland the Company is also providing cinema advertising services through the company New Age Media and film distribution through the company Forum Film.

In 2008 the Company sold 12.6 million tickets in Poland. Poland is the largest market of operations for Cinema City with 48% share in the total number of screens and 54% share in the total Company’s revenues in 2008.

Cinema City International is the largest multiplex cinema operator in Central & Eastern Europe and in Israel. The Company operates 67 multiplexes with 617 screens, in 6 countries (Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Israel). There are 43 more multiplexes under development, which will offer additional 458 screens. In addition, Cinema City is actively involved in cinema related advertising and film distribution.

The Cinema City group employs over 3,000 people in 6 countries.