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Cinema City opening in Bielsko Biała, Poland

26th Cinema City in Poland opened.

Cinema City International N.V. (“Cinema City”) opened its multiplex in the city of Bielsko Biała in Poland. Cinema offers 10 screens and 1 528 seats. The cinema is equipped with two digital projectors with integrated 3D facility.

Cinema City in Bielsko Biała is our first opening in Poland this year and it’s the fourth cinema opened by our Company in 2009. Still in 2009 we plan to open additional 9 multiplexes with 80 screens including three mega projects: in Bucharest, Cracow and Budapestsaid Nisan Cohen, Deputy CFO of Cinema City, the largest multiplex cinema operator in Central & Eastern Europe and in Israel.We are happy to deliver high Cinema City cinema going standards to our clients in Bielsko Biala. They will also enjoy the special 3D viewing experience thanks to two digital projectors installed in this multiplex.”

In Poland Cinema City is operating 26 multiplexes with 288 screens and 61 000 seats. 31 digital projectors, including the two installed in the multiplex in Bielsko Biała, allow to show films in digital and digital 3D. In Poland the Company is also providing cinema advertising services through the company New Age Media and film distribution through the company Forum Film.

In 2008 the Company sold 12.6 million tickets in Poland. Poland is the largest market of operations for Cinema City with 48% share in the total number of screens and 54% share in the total Company’s revenues in 2008.

“Newly opened screens, like these opened in Bielsko Biała, enlarge the group of cinemagoers, which translates into higher number of tickets sold.” – added Nisan Cohen

Cinema City International is the largest multiplex cinema operator in Central & Eastern Europe and in Israel. The Company operates 65 multiplexes with 603 screens, in 6 countries (Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Israel). There are 44 more multiplexes under development, which will offer over 466 new screens. In addition, Cinema City is actively involved in cinema related advertising and film distribution.
In 2008 Cinema City sold 22.2 million tickets in six countries, 12% more compared to 2007.
The Cinema City group employs over 3,000 people in 6 countries.