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Three new multiplexes in Romania

TriGranit is a leading developer of real estate in the region and has high expertise and known quality in its shopping malls developments such as the “west-end” in Budapest, Silesia Katowice, the upcoming Bonarka in Krakow etc.
CCR is a subsidiary of Cinema City international which is the largest operator of multiplexes in the region. CCI operates today 581 screens in 63 locations in the territories of Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Israel and of course Romania.

CCR opened three weeks ago it’s forth project in Romania in the city Bacau. All together CCR has more than 30 projects in Romania in different stages of development.

Mr. Arpad Török the Chief Leasing Officer, Development director of Tri Granit said:

One of the major flagship property development destinations for TriGranit has been and will be Romania. Besides Constanta and Brasov we are considering and evaluating further projects there. The popularity of Polus Cluj and the growing number of TriGranit-operated centers – among them Arad and Pitesti - are the real proof of our successful operation in Romania. One of the major parts of our strategy is that we provide our tenants and visitors with the great variety of shopping, services and entertainment facilities, including cinemas, as well. We are interested in long-lasting, fruitful cooperation with Cinema City who is considered to be a strategic partner in CEE countries.”

Mr. Moshe (Mooky) Greidinger commented:we are very pleased to continue and enlarge our relations with TriGranit. If we count Silesia Katowice and Bonarka Krakow, we will now have five projects inside TriGranit malls and this proves our strategy to have “on-going” relations with leading developers in the region. This deal shows again that Romania is our biggest growth potential while we move forward also in all our other territories. The ”welcome” to Cinema City in Romania has been great until now and strengthen our believe in the market, and it’s support to new modern multiplex.

Cinema City International is the largest multiplex cinema operator in Central & Eastern Europe and in Israel. The Company operates 63 multiplexes with 581 screens, in 6 countries (Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Israel). There are 46 more multiplexes under development, which will offer additional 487 screens. In addition, Cinema City is actively involved in cinema related advertising and film distribution.

The Cinema City group employs over 3,000 people in 6 countries.

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