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Cinema City opens in Bacau, Romania (30 January 2009)

Today we are opening our fourth cinema in Romania and for the coming four years there are around 30 additional Cinema City openings scheduled in the country. Still this year we plan to open around 10 multiplexes heresaid Nisan Cohen, Deputy CFO of Cinema City, the largest multiplex cinema operator in Central & Eastern Europe and in Israel. “Our strategy in Romania is to build a countrywide cinema chain and to provide the viewers the best quality of cinemagoing, including digital cinema, like we do in all countries of operation.”

In Romania Cinema City is operating 4 multiplexes with 30 screens and 4 800 seats. Four digital projectors, including the one installed in the multiplex in Bacau, will allow to show films in digital and digital 3D. The Company is also providing cinema advertising services through the company New Age Media.

In 2008 the Company sold 596 thousand tickets in Romania. Today Romanian multiplexes account for 5% of the Company’s total number of screens but in view of the signed binding lease agreements in the coming years Romania will be the second largest, after Poland, country of operation for Cinema City.

In 2007 the Romanian operations represented 0.2% of the Group’s total revenues.


Cinema City International is the largest multiplex cinema operator in Central & Eastern Europe and in Israel. The Company operates 63 multiplexes with 582 screens, in 6 countries (Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Israel). There are 44 more multiplexes under development, which will offer over 465 new screens. In addition, Cinema City is actively involved in cinema related advertising and film distribution.
In 2008 Cinema City sold 22.2 million tickets in six countries, 12% more compared to 2007.
The Cinema City group employs over 3,000 people in 6 countries.

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