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Current report no 26/2008 dated 18 June 2008: Opening of a new Cinema City multiplex in Modiin, Israel


The Board of Managing Directors of Cinema City International N.V. (the “Company”) is informing about the opening on 18 June 2008 of a new multiplex in Modiin, Israel.
The multiplex in Modiin, with 6 screens and 957 seats, is the Company’s 19th multiplex in Israel.

Funds spent on this investment were primarily sourced from the Company’s own funds and from proceeds gained in its initial public offering.
Legal grounds: Art. 56.1.1 of the Act of 29 July 2005 on the public offering, conditions governing the introduction of financial instruments to organized trading system and on public companies.
A signature of persons authorised to represent the Company:

Mr. Nissim Nisan Cohen, proxy