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Cinema City opens its 24th cinema in Poland


“Poland is the most  important market for Cinema City. It is our largest country of operations and  we are progressing here with a very intensive investment plan.”said Nisan Cohen  Deputy CFO of Cinema City NV, the largest multiplex cinema operator in Central & Eastern Europe and in Israel
“We started our activity in Poland before 8 years and during this time we opened 269 screens in 24 multiplexes. After opening the multiplex in Bydgoszcz we have in the pipeline about 100 screens in 8 multiplexes under development in the Polish market ,and we are still preparing additional new projects” the Deputy CFO added.
Today Cinema City operates 24 multiplexes with 269 screens and it’s the # 1 cinema operator in the country. The Company’s screens located in Poland constitute 48% of the total number of screens and Poland brings 53% of the CCI revenues. In 2007 Company’s revenues from the Polish market accounted for EUR 85,5 million and they grew by 23,8% yoy.
Since the beginning of 2008 the Company has already opened three multiplexes with 46 screens: megaplex in Budapest, Hungary (22 screens +IMAX) , multiplexes in Pilzen, the Czech Republic (10 screens) and in Bydgoszcz, Poland (13 screens).
Cinema City plans to open its next cinema in Poland in the Q4 2008 in Zielona Góra (10 screens).

Cinema City in Bydgoszcz