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Suntago Water World construction began two years ago. See what the Suntago Water World looks like today

It seems that just a moment ago the first shovel was dug at the construction site of Suntago Water World – the largest indoor water park in Central and Eastern Europe and the first stage of the Park of Poland complex. In fact, the beginning of May marks two years since the start of construction, and thousands of people in Poland and other European countries are excited about it. Today, building structures are clearly visible at the construction site of Suntago Water World, along with the rainbow colours of the slides, which will provide ample entertainment to fans of water attractions already at the end of this year.

Works at the Suntago Water World construction site are at a stage that sees big changes every day. Masonry and plastering works are under-way since March. Marble boards are being installed at the shower area as well as tiles in the first swimming pools. Water treatment filters are already installed in every basin. 

One of the most spectacular stages of work began in March – the assembly of slides at Jamango Water Jungle. The rainbow-like structure is certainly the most colourful place at the construction site. Façade boards are currently being installed in the Jamango Water Jungle building.

A Surf-Air surfing simulator was recently added to the water park’s attractions. Park of Poland will have exclusive rights to this technology, which provides wild fun in rough waves, within a 200km radius for five years. 

All steel structure elements, flat roof elements and panels for the Jamango Water Jungle façade have already been delivered to the construction site. 60% of glass boards to cover roofs and the façade of the water park are also awaiting assembly. Construction of reinforced concrete structures at the main building will be completed in May.

Much progress is also visible in the area in front of the water park. 65% of the planned 2500 parking spots have already been built. 

5 608 881 kilogrammes of steel has been used at the construction site over the past two years. If a 7mm rod were made out of it, it would equal… the diameter of the Earth. The amount of concrete poured also tripled over the past year, reaching over 40500m3. This is a volume comparable to 16 Olympic swimming pools.


Accommodation to be built alongside the water park 

Works on the second stage of the Park of Poland complex began in 2018. Suntago Village – a village of approx. 100 recreational Cabaña-type module homes – will be launched along with Suntago Water World. Suntago Village will also feature a playground, space for shared barbecuing, central building with a reception and a mini-store. Unihouse has been selected as the general contractor for Suntago Village. 

Works on constructing a hotel duo consisting of two independent facilities joined by a shared atrium are in progress. The two buildings will have a lake view. For guest comfort, one of the hotels will be connected to Suntago Water World via a tunnel. 

A four-start hotel will feature 3600m2 in conference space. A 1150m2 ballroom will be situated at the bottom floor, capable of hosting large-format exhibits. A five-star hotel will feature a unique food concept at the top floor. The two hotels will offer accommodation for 700 guests visiting Suntago Water World as well as the participants of conferences, workshops, artistic exhibits, fairs and concerts. 

Hotel Professionals Management Group is advising the investor on the design and construction of Suntago Village and the hotels. The company will also manage these facilities.

Location at the country’s centre 

Suntago Water World is the first Park of Poland facility, located in Wręcza, municipality of Mszczonów, between Warsaw and Łódź. It will be accessible via the A2 highway and the S8 expressway. A road ensuring direct access to Suntago Water World, financed by the municipalities of Mszczonów and Radziejowice, was opened at the end of last year. 

Watch a movie showing what’s been accomplished at the Suntago Water World construction site so far. 


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