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Suntago Water World constructionsite to expand

Five months ago construction began on one of the largest water parks in Central and Eastern Europe, Suntago Water World, in Wręcza near Mszczonów. Some of the earth work on swimming pools is already finished, and soon the construction site will be expanded.

Work at the construction site of the Park of Poland complex began exactly five months ago. Work progress is on schedule and the first activities are nearing completion.

Work on foundation footings and strips for one of Suntago Water World’s main swimming pools is almost finished and the same tasks will soon be started for the second pool. An under-floor waste-water disposal system is nearly 90% complete.

Intensive preparations are under way at the construction site to drill a thermal well that will feed one of the pools. We are also working on designs for connecting Suntago Water World to the gas and electricity grids, which will be built next year.

“A second crane will soon tower over the construction site in Wręcza, meaning that reinforced concrete work has begun on another part of the facility. This part will eventually host locker rooms, with 8000 lockers for guests,” said Marcin Grabowski, project manager at Park of Poland.

140 trucks with attractions 

One of the main attractions at the water park will be 30 slides totalling 3.2km in length. They are set to arrive in Wręcza this year. This will be a transport challenge because it will require 140 trucks. The largest slide is 320m long, the longest such attraction in Europe. In a straight line, this length is comparable to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Direct access

A permit was recently secured to build the main access road to Suntago Water World. The road will lead from the Słabomierz roundabout at national road 50 directly to the land parcel on which Suntago Water World is located. “As far as we are aware, the municipalities are planning to launch a tender for this road in the winter and begin construction in the spring,” said Marcin Grabowski, project manager at Park of Poland.  

The investment worth EUR 150 millionwill be completed within two years and will create 600 new jobs. The project will be financed both by own capital of Global City Holdings and bank loans.

 Suntago Water World will be the largest water park in CEE and the first stage of Park of Poland complex.

Investor plans to build24variouswaterslides, a thermalhealthbath, mineralpools and a spa complex. 

SuntagoWater World in numbers:

  • The largestwater park in Central and Eastern Europe
  • The largestindoorwater park in Europe
  • 30 waterslides, over 3 km in total
  • 320 m  – length of the longestslide in Europe
  • 15 000 – dailycapacity
  • 2 500 free parking spaces
  • 10 differenttypes of saunas
  • 67 000 sqm. – totalbuildingarea
  • 20 hectares – a land SuntagoWater World
  • 20 000 sqm. – garden areaadjacent to the pool
  • 3 500 sqm. – totalpoolarea
  • 1 000 sqm. – the surface of the largestindoorpool
  • 700 real palm trees in the garden
  • 5 restaurants and 4 poolbars
  • Location 40 km from Warsaw and 70 km from Lodz, between the A2 motorway and the S8 expressway


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