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Hundreds of palm trees await delivery to Wręcza as part of tropical garden at Suntago Water World

Malaysia, Florida, Miami, Costa Rica – these are the main places of origin of the palm trees that will be growing at Suntago Water World in Wręcza near Mszczonów. Currently 90% of the 700 trees are undergoing acclimatisation in Rotterdam. See what this process looks like.

The water park that is being constructed as part of the Park of Poland complex will amaze its guests not only with an extensive offering of swimming pools, saunas and attractions but also a jungle-like tropical climate. But for a garden full of exotic plants to be created in the Masovia region, preparations must be undertaken many months in advance.

It all starts with tree selection at plantations in countries where palm trees exist naturally. The most beautiful specimens are dug out and planted in pots and then are sent to a greenhouse for several months. The trees that survive are then secured and transported by ship in an air-conditioned container. The palm trees that make up the garden at Suntago were shipped by sea to Rotterdam, which is where they will acclimatise to European conditions in a large greenhouse.



The trees will go through a quarantine period in the Netherlands and will be inspected by the Dutch health authorities to see if they are healthy. If they receive a special certificate, it will be possible to transport them to Poland. However, this will happen only once the water park in Wręcza has walls and ceilings. Because the palm trees cannot be allowed to freeze.

Suntago Water World is scheduled to open in 2019.

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