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The construction of Suntago Water World in underway. What did we build in 2017?

“Spectacular progress”, “Dreams come true”, “A huge water park is coming”- these are only some of the headlines that reported the building of one of the biggest indoor water parks in Europe. This year Suntago Water Park will start to take its shape. Already behind us is the construction of the first part of the basement flooring and work related with construction of the building up to level 0 will be completed by April. Construction associated with the preparation of the underground infrastructure of the parking has also begun.

Soon a contractor for the metal constructions will be selected in order to close the building and carry out the finishing works that are planned for this year. More and more elements of the attractions, that visitors will be able to use, are popping up in Wręcza. 55 of 140 trucks have already shown up at the construction site with the parts of the water slides.

Up until now we’ve used over 7017 m3 of concrete, which can make up almost three Olympic-size swimming pools and we’ve used 1 083 951 kilograms of steel, which in turn weighs as much as 650 passenger cars. 

We invite you to watch a movie where you can see how construction at the Suntago Water World site is progressing: 


Suntago Water World is one of the first facilities of the Park of Poland project and is situated between Warsaw and Łódź. You will be able to get to the water park using the A2 motorway and S8 expressway. The municipal authorities have announced that an access road to the water park will be built this year.

Suntago Water World will be the biggest water park in all of Central-Eastern Europe and the first stage of the Park of Poland complex. The facility will have 24 slides, thermal baths, mineral pools, a spa complex and over ten types of different saunas. It’s opening is planned for 2019.

The investment worth EUR 150 million will be completed within two years and will create 600 new jobs. The project will be financed both by own capital of Global City Holdings and bank loans. 


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