Global City Holdings
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Squeeze-out Proceedings

Israel Theatres Limited ("Israel Theatres"), I.T. International Theatres Limited ("ITIT"), ITIT Holding B.V. ("ITIT Holding") and Global City Holdings N.V. ("GCH" or the "Company") hereby announce that GCH, has, together with Israel Theatre, ITIT and ITIT Holding on 20November 2015, initiated a compulsory squeeze-out procedure in accordance with Dutch law under which GCH intends to acquire all remaining outstanding shares in GCH, i.e. approximately 0.13% of shares in GCH held by other shareholders. In connection with the squeeze-out procedure, ITIT, Israel Theatre, ITIT Holding and GCH hereby publish a public writ of summons.

Text of the public writ of summons is in the appendix.