Global City Holdings
Investor Relations


Current report No. 48/2015 dated 13August 2015. Publication of interim results of an associate company – Cineworld Group Plc. – for 26 week period ended 2 July 2015

The Board of Directors of Global City Holdings N.V. with its corporate seat in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (the “Company”) hereby passes the interim results of its associate company – Cineworld Group Plc. – for the 26 weeks ended 2 July 2015. The Company’s shareholding in Cineworld forms an important part of its business. Some developments and results at Cineworld may (directly or indirectly) impact the Company’s results, others may not. As of 18 November 2014, the Company files current reports as and when Cineworld publishes financial reports and other relevant Cineworld announcements and publications.  The Company currently holds 76 626 344 or 29.0% of shares in Cineworld.

Interim results of Cineworld Group Plc in the attachment.