Global City Holdings
Investor Relations


Current Report No. 40/2014 dated 11 December 2014. Review of the strategic options regarding the sale of the shareholding of Global City Holdings N.V. and U. Dori Group Ltd. in Ronson Europe N.V.

Global City Holdings N.V. (the “Company”) hereby announces that it and U. Dori Group Ltd. are exploring their strategic options regarding the sale of all or a part of the shareholdings in Ronson Europe N.V. ("Ronson") held by one or both shareholders. It is hereby clarified that there is no certainty that such transaction shall be conducted and/or with respect to its terms. The consent to execute any such transaction is subject to, inter alia, said examination process and to the consent of the respective governing bodies of both shareholders.

Ronson is a public corporation, incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, the shares and debentures of which are publically traded on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, Poland. Each of the Company and U. Dori Group Ltd. holds (indirectly) 39.8% of the shares in Ronson.