Global City Holdings
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Appointment of the expert auditor of the Company for the 2014 financial year

The Board of Directors of Global City Holdings N.V., with its registered office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (the “Company”), hereby announces that on 1 July 2014 the Board of Directors, in accordance with resolution No. 5 of the General Meeting of the Shareholders dated 30 June 2014, issued a decision under which BDO Audit & Assurance B.V., with its office in Amstelveen, the Netherlands was appointed as the independent auditor of the Company for the annual financial statements and interim financial statements for the 2014 financial year. The auditor was selected in accordance with all applicable laws and requirements. BDO Audit & Assurance B.V. is registered under No. 17171186 of the Chamber of Commerce. The Company will execute an agreement with BDO Audit & Assurance B.V. for the audit and review of the financial statements for the year 2014.

In the past, BDO Audit & Assurance B.V. has not rendered services for the Company.