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Global City Holdings announces the start of the first stage of Park of Poland

Today Global City Holdings NV (WSE: GLOBCITYHD) announced the start of the first phase of Park of Poland. The Company will develop an Aquapark with the strategic partnership of the WUND Industriebau GmbH from Germany. Aquapark will be developed near Mszczonów on the plot of 20 ha. The partners plan to start construction in February 2015 and the opening of the Aquapark is scheduled for October 2016.
The strategic partner of Global City Holdings is Unternehmensgruppe WUND headed by a renown German businessman, Mr Josef Wund. In Germany, Unternehmensgruppe WUND is operating four Aquaparks topped by Therme Erding project near Munich, which will be a reference project for the Aquapark in Mszczonów, Poland.
The Aquapark will be located in Mszczonów between the A2 highway and S8 express road at a distance of 40 km from Warsaw and 70 km from Łódź. The Auquapark will host guests 12 months in a year. The venue will be composed of a large indoor pool facility with movable roof allowing guests to enjoy natural light and fresh air. In Aquapark guests will also find a big health zone and a Galaxy center with water slides for thrill-seekers.
The Company believes that Aquapark in Mszcznów will have a significant impact on local, regional and national economy. In Erding, following opening of Therme Erding total revenue of the city increased by nearly EUR 100 million and the number of hotels and guest houses increased from 7 to over 50. There Erding generate 600 job posts and another 1 000 posts affiliated to the aquapark.
Global City Holdings will be the investor of the Aqua Park. The Company plans investment outlays of approx. EUR 100 million for this first stage of the Park of Poland. WUND Industriebau GmbH will manage the construction and development the Aqua Park using its know-how from existing projects in Germany. Subsequently, WUND Industriebau GmbH will be responsible for operating the Aqua Park.

Current report No. 26/2014 dated 20 May 2014