Global City Holdings
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Current report No. 18/2014 of 10 April 2014 Purchase of own shares under a public tender offer

The Board of Directors of Global City Holdings N.V., a company organized in the Netherlands and existing under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (the “Company”), acting in reference to the Company’s current report No. 15/2014 dated 28 February 2014 announcing a public tender offer to subscribe for the sale of the Company’s own shares (the “Tender Offer”), hereby announces that on this date the Company was advised by the brokerage firm involved in the Tender Offer, i.e. DM BZ WBK S.A., that the transactions related to the purchase of 2,370,724 ordinary bearer shares in the Company executed on 7 April 2014 were settled on 10 April 2014.

As a result of the above, pursuant to the authorization granted in resolution No. 7 of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company dated 24 February 2014 regarding the authorisation of the Board of Directors of the Company to repurchase shares in the Company and to alienate existing shares in the Company for general corporate purposes, the Company purchased a total of 2,370,724 ordinary bearer shares in the Company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (Giełda Papierów Wartościowych w Warszawie), with a nominal value of EUR 0.01 each; the overall number of votes in the Company held by the same increased by 4.63% of the total number of votes. All of the shares were purchased at a price of PLN 35.70 per one share. The Company intends to cancel (intrekken) its own shares that it acquired in the Tender Offer.

Prior to the settlement of the above-mentioned transactions, the Company did not hold any own shares.

After the settlement of the transactions involving the purchase of own shares, the Company holds 2,370,724 own shares with a nominal value of EUR 0.01 each, which entitle the holder thereof to 4.63% of the votes at the General Meeting of the Company, and represent a 4.63% stake in the Company’s share capital and 4.63% of the total number of votes at the General Meeting of the Company.

Based on Article 118:7 of the Dutch Civil Code, the Company cannot vote any of the shares held thereby in its share capital.

The Company’s subsidiaries do not hold shares in the Company.