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Absolute Cinema Experience Now in Israel

4DXTM Absolute Cinema Experience Now in Israel!

Cinema City International (CCI) has unveiled the chain’s first 4DXTM screen coinciding with the launch of Israel’s largest entertainment destination, the Yes Planet 24-screen multiplex in Rishon LeZion. 4DXTM cinema systems enhance standard audio/visual theater environments to create a multi-sensory experience. Rishon LeZion’s high-tech hall has 124 seats outfitted with “motion-base” technology that move in sync with on-screen action. Both the chairs and auditorium have devices to simulate wind, water and dozens of other effects.

Rishon is the first of several dozen 4DXTM sites scheduled to open throughout CCI territories (in Israel and Central Europe) over the next five years. Companies plan to develop close to 30 auditoriums by 2017. Moshe Greidinger, CEO of CCI, said at the Rishon LeZion grand opening, “I am excited about what the future holds knowing what 4DXTM can bring to our cinemas and audiences. We’ve looked closely at the 4D concept over the past few years and 4DXTM clearly represents a key technology that will keep us ahead.”

Ho-Seung Lee, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX, said while also in Israel, “Around the world, exhibitors are in search of ways to bring audiences back to the theaters. We believe 4DXTM is exactly the form of entertainment that will retain the charm and excitement of a night at the movies.”

Opening night guests were treated to a sample of 4DXTM content while weekend movie-goers packed the house for the summer blockbuster, Spiderman. 4DXTM screens around the world continue to show strong performance due to added surcharge revenue and the immense popularity of summer tent-poles such as Avengers and Spiderman. "We are thrilled with the opening weekend results and look forward to our next opening in Central Europe in the coming months," Greidinger said.

About CJ 4DPLEX - CJ 4DPLEX is based in Seoul, South Korea, with offices in Los Angeles, CA. The company provides 4DXTM cinema systems for exhibition partners along with programming content from major Hollywood studios. Auditoriums incorporate motion-based seating synchronized with special effects, with more than 5,800 seats in 34 sites in six countries. 4DXTM screens will continue to grow in 2012, with announcements for Russia, Australia, continental Europe and other territories coming soon. For more information, please visit :

About Cinema City International - Cinema City International (CCI) is the largest multiplex cinema operator in Central & Eastern Europe and Israel. The company operates 98 multiplexes with 943 screens in seven countries (Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Israel). In development are 29 more multiplexes that will offer almost 300 new screens. CCI is also actively involved in cinema-related advertising and film distribution.  

In 2011 CCI sold 35.5 million tickets in seven countries, 16.2% more compared to 2010. The Cinema City group employs more than 4,000 people in seven countries.