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Summary of the Consolidated Financial Information for the year 2011

Pursuant to the provisions of the Dutch Financial Supervision Act dated December 2006 (Wet op het financieel toezicht (Wft))) Cinema City International N.V. with its registered office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (the “Company”) is pleased to present the summary of the consolidated financial information for the year 2011 (the „Summary Financial Information”).

The Summary Financial Information was prepared on the basis of the Company’s Annual Report for the financial year 2011 and should be read and analyzed together with all the information provided in the Company’s Annual Report, in particular with the audited consolidated annual financial statements for the year 2011 and all the notes thereto as well as with the Management Board’s report and the Supervisory Board’s report.

Legal grounds: Article 5:53 and subsequent of the Dutch Act of 28 September 2006 on rules regarding the financial .markets and their supervision (Act on Financial Supervision – Wft.) in conjunction with Article 56.1.2 and article 56.6 of the Polish Act on Public Offerings, Conditions governing the Introduction of Financial Instruments to Organized Trading and on Public Companies of 29 July 2005

Signature of the Company’s authorized representative:

Nisim Nissan Cohen – attorney-in-fact